Saturday, October 10, 2015

Numbers and other things

I have been homeschooling Conan for around a year now and he is doing great. He can count to 100( of course he is convinced that the number 44 being right after 34 for some odd reason all though he totally knows otherwise). He knows his abcs, colors and shapes. This is all information he would be learning in Kindergarten but thanks to the magic of homeschooling he knows this now.
Before you start on this , yes he gets social time with other kids.
 We are part of a ton of homeschooling groups and he has a friend that lives near us that visits very often . I have sat in on a public preschool classroom and they do not encourage socialization. When the children attempt to be social with each other they are quickly "corrected" and told to sit in their seats.
Where did the idea of kids getting social skills from school become a thing? If I learned how to be social via school I would be raising my hand to ask the bus driver a question. I would be a million times more awkward then I already am and I attended public school.
In public School you learn how to isolate the kids that are different, form cliques and how to sleep with shades on. Period.
I am very happy with homeschooling as a whole right now and I recommend it to any and everyone. We recently made a life change and I quit working so that  I would have more energy and time to homeschool. This meant that we had to make some financial decisions (budget cuts if you were) and we are super happy with the results.

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